Thursday, February 23, 2006

A little backgound about me!


My name is Jack and I'm a German Shorthaired Pointer. I was adoped from the SPCA in Fredericton at the beginning of January and my owners just adore me! I was near death when the SPCA found me and they nursed me back to health, and I'm doing ok now. I'm putting on some weight. I'm on a special diet of Gastro Dry food, 1 tsp of pumpkin and 2-3 Pepto Bismol tablets a day.

I am a very well tempered dog. However I get myself into alot of trouble since I'm not used to having a family.

My owners arnt too sure how old I am but they assume probably 7. I'm not going to tell them any different. ;)

I love to chew on things, aspecially my owners dish cloths! She has to buy new ones alot... hehe. I love going for walks but I'm not used to having somone on the end of a leash so I pull pretty hard. I'll learn to slow down some eventually... I still pee in the house sometimes(not very often), but my owners are very patient with me becasue they know I'm not used to a home. I love being brushed and I especially love all the attention I get at my new home!

Here are some pictures of me on my way to my 1'st home! As you can see my nose is a bit dry, but thats nothing some vit A can't fix! My owners put it on me like 100 times a day! haha

And here are some pics of me on my first day home! I found a new toy... and they let me keep it! =D
You should see this thing now! Wait... you cant.. Its been demolished! *hehe* I love the next pic! I look evil! =D
And another toy they gave me below! I had that ripped to shreds in 10 seconds! *haha* =D
I'm so handsom!

And this is my new bed! I loved it from first sight!

Gone to bed... =D awwwwe.... (see the slepper beside the bed? Its a little torn... *hehe*)


At 3/24/2006 2:06 PM, Blogger IndyPindy said...

Hi Jack, my mom says you're very cute! I'm on a special diet too, I can't digest regular dog food. Right now all I can eat is raw chicken. Poor me, right! I'm going to link to your blog, come check mine out!


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