Friday, March 31, 2006

Jack movies! I'm a superstar!

This is me trying to get to my neighbor! =D He's not being very friendly... =P

This is me and one of my owners playin' catch! =D I told yous I brought the ball back!! I kind of rammed into her though!


At 3/31/2006 3:32 PM, Blogger Freda said...

Hey Jack,

Coooool videos. You sure are quiet when the neighbor goes by. That's good though. You don't want to wake up your humans. Arf!

You're lucky. You like to play ball. I don't. Guess my first human family didn't play with me. What I like to chase are voles. I sniff them out in their underground homes and pounce on them when they come out. Must be the terrier in me. They don't last very long though. A ball lasts longer.

Next time you bump into your Mom, push a little harder and then when she is on the ground you can lick her face. Arf! Arf!

Glad to see you are gettin' lots of exercise. It looks good on you.



At 3/31/2006 5:24 PM, Blogger Jack Attack said...

I know I'm pretty quiet. I always am, except when people leave me alone in the house. Then I get mad and bark. I also bark when my humans make "gobble gobble" noises at me... dont know why though... =D

And as for balls lasting longer... Not really... *hehe* I like to eat them alot...

At 3/31/2006 11:49 PM, Blogger Cal the Wonderdog said...

Awesome footage. The second one is great with you showing a fine example of how us dogs can do our job of confusing humans and have fun at the same time.

Well done, 2 dew claws up!


At 4/01/2006 9:26 AM, Blogger G√ľnter said...

Great movies Jack. Finally I could see you in action!!!

Good to hear that you can get mad sometimes. I'm also barking when my people are away. I think it's their fault since they are just leaving us ALONE!! So just keep on barking Jack!!

At 4/02/2006 10:31 AM, Blogger schnoodlepooh said...

Fun videos! You like you would be fun to romp with! We like to chase balls too!

At 4/02/2006 11:14 AM, Blogger Ivy said...

hey hey jack! you are such a good ball hunter! i love to chase balls, too. my favorite are the big huge ones from wallymart. i like to kick them and chase them all over the yard, but it makes me reely mad wen they get stuck in the corner and wont come out. sometimes they pop and make a bad skary noise, too.

At 4/02/2006 5:19 PM, Blogger Sam I Am said...

nice moves you have.You almost had your neighbor!

At 4/03/2006 9:05 AM, Blogger Raisa Husky said...

I also love to play catch! It is so much fun, isn't it?! Sometimes I bring the ball back, but do not let my humans to take it from my mouth!
Ah! I am linking your blog to mine as well, OK?
Kind liks,


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