Monday, May 22, 2006

Runnin away.... AGAIN!

So the other day I decided I wanted to go on another expedition. It began when I decided to check out behind the garage, as soon as they noticed me going behind the garage they began calling me and said I apeared to disapear into thin air. Everyone was out looking up and down the road, through the woods and everything... For about 1 and a half hours (while my university human was suppose to be watching the 2 hour episode of Americas Next top model, but this took priority) About and hour and a half later they found me VERY far up the road trying to get into someones house! I was right up on their doorstep, they were rude though and did not answer... Anyway, when someone finally found me they noticed I managed to try and attack a pork-u-pine, or the other way around... They took me home and attempted to take out the quils themselves while they tried to get ahold of a vet that would open in case of emergency. I must say, I did behave pretty well while they were trying to take them out! Eventually they were able to get out about 1/2 of thee quils and they opened my mouth to see about 50 more in there! They decided that they could not do that and would have to for sure take me to the vet. They got ahold of a vet and she went in although it was about 12:00 at night! They put me under so I didn't feel a thing and I was also quite high after... My University human almost passed out at the vet and was very sick to her stomac! Silly her and not liking needles and blood! =D I am now feeling well again and I don't hurt at all. =D

Friday, May 19, 2006

Swimmin' pics, finally!!

Here is my friend Sassy who lives down the road from me, shes all wet cuz shes a swimmer unlike me right now!

Check out the face! she sure was tryin to get that water off her! =D

Here I am climbing some cement slabs on te dock so the ice does not take the dock away as it has tried to in the past as my humans say.

Awwe... me floatin away on an ice burg....

Faith the 2-legged doggie on Oprah this afternoon!

Hey everyone! I just wanted all my doggie friends to be aware that Faith the 2 legged doggie is gonna be on Oprah this afternoon! Everyone should watch and support her! I know I will be with my family! For those of you who did not see Faith's videos from montel and other shows, you won't want to miss this! Nor will those who have seen them! She is amazing!