Monday, April 24, 2006

Update on swimming

One of my humans and her friend took me for a nice walk around a campgroud park yesterday. There was a beach there but it was high tide. However, they decided they would take me near the water anyway. My humans friend was holding onto my leash and I kept trying to pull him closer and closer to the water. My humans now think that maybe I just dont like the rocks or soemthing by our river becasue it mostly consists of crushed rocks. They seem to believe that if thier friend was not holding onto me I may have went into the water... But they wont know until next time they take me and its not high tide! =P

Our camera still will not upload onto our computer by the way. But hopefully by the next post I will be able to put those pictures on from my last post of me trying to swim. =D

Friday, April 21, 2006


Ok... It's a little embarassing since I am a hunting dog and all.. but its NOT my fault!! I can't swim...!!

I now live along a beach with my new family and they took me down to the river to see if I knew how to swim. I would not set a foot in the water! Until I was going on some rocks and fell in a little! That was almost a heart attack! =P

Anyway, they took me down to the beach with my cousin who lives down the road because the LOVES to swim! She is a Purebred Chocolate Lab named Sassy, but shes a little over weight! =/ My owners decided the other day that everytime they try and take me to the river to try and get me to swim they will take her aswell, that way maybe she will loose some weight and maybe I will go for a swim with her and catch some sticks... I can't see it though, unless they throw some dog treats in! Maybe I'll go in once it get a little warmer out and I'm sweating to death.

Also, I'll put some pics on here of us swimming soon! the camera just won't put the pics on the computer right now for some odd reason... =/

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Me being bad again =D

The other day one of my humans left the door open by mistake. I took up the chance to get outside and go for a stroll. The didnt realize I was gone until one said "So whats Jack doing?" and the other replied "I dunno, I never seen him in a while". They both got up and looked around, I was no where to be found. They searched for about an hour or so until they finally found me down the road. Of course they were happy to see me, until they realized I was sprayed by a skunk!! Man did I ever stink... They took me home and bathed many times, even with special shampoo, but I still stunk for a few days! eeewie!

Two days ago I was outside with the owner who left the door open... and he was over in the "big garage" working or something. Becasue he was quite busy I decided to leave him alone and go for another stroll. He noticed quickly that I was gone and started calling me, he saw me walking into a trail in the woods, and i dissapeared... However! I had my new training collar on (that goes a mile and a 1/2) and because I was so far away that I could no longer hear him, he beeped it and I came back! Thank god for that! No one wants to search for a dog twice in one week! *hehe*

On the bright side of things, my human that is in University is coming home on the weekend for a week to study for exams! And on the 22nd or the 23rd she will be home for the summer! =D

Here are some pictures my humans took. =)

I'm so depressed... *hehe*

They tied me to a wheel because they didn't have anything else right now! *hehe*