Friday, March 31, 2006

Jack movies! I'm a superstar!

This is me trying to get to my neighbor! =D He's not being very friendly... =P

This is me and one of my owners playin' catch! =D I told yous I brought the ball back!! I kind of rammed into her though!

Monday, March 27, 2006

New Pics & This Weekend


One of my owners Sarah came home from University for the weekend and she played fetch with me for a super long time outside! I recently learned how to get the ball and bring it back and drop it! Before I would just run and get it and try and eat it until someone took it from me. Hey! I didn't know any different!

My owners did get me a new training collar. Just to let everyone know who red the post on that. It works really well. However, they got one that goes to 100 yards, and we have a really big yard, so they decided they wanted one that went 3/4 of a mile. So they took back the other one and the new one is on order right now. I should probably have it by the weekend. =D I LOVE not being on a leash!! SO much better! I can actually run and play catch now! =D SO EXCITING!

Anyway, I have some new pics that I wanted to share with everyone! So here they are!

Here I am running out the driveway, and running around the
yard with my new training collar on!
Doin' what I do best... sniffing
Too Fast for you to take a picture of! Sitting on the gross wet ground. Why do yous make me do this?
Hello Close up!
This is where my food is stored.... *sniffs*
Can we go in now?Me with my new reflective gear on! =D No one is gonna run over me! =D

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lazin' around & bein bad

Ok, so, One day my owner left to go to town. She left me at home becasue for once she couldn't take me. She had cooked some gravy and such for supper and she had it out on the counter. I decided to jump up on the counter, knock the HUGE pot of gravy onto the floor and eat it ALL. Although I'm not suppose to eat anything except my diet food. However, my owner came home and saw the pot on the ground, and I got a pretty big growling.

Here are some pics of me and one of my owners sisters. She babysat me while my owner was in the hospital getting an operation.

My eyes look a little crazy in this one!

Here are some Random pictures of me!

Just freezin' my butt off in the snow!

Sun tannin'! I dunno how I was laying like that though! *hehe*

Thursday, March 02, 2006

March Break & Training Collar?

March break is quickly approaching! Its next week! One of my owners are coming home from university tomorrow! I'm pretty pumped! She plays with me for hours! Shes the one that actually found me at the SPCA and volunteered there so she could go and see me a alot. She is so good to me! This is a picture of me and her about to go outside to play in the snow! What a fun time!
My owners are trying to find me a training collar. They want this so that in the summer, they can take me to the beach and such and not worry about me running and they won't have to keep me on a leash while I'm trying to swim! That would be annoying! I was wondering if anyone might have one (if so, what kind and how much did it cost?) and would know how well they work and if they actually hurt dogs? Becasue God knows my owners DO NOT want that! They heard it is just like a static shock aslong as you dont put it up full blast! Any suggestions? Any reasons why they shouldn't get one, cuz I LOVE to run around outside and I can't do that becasue my owners are scared I'll run away... I need to be trained to stay near them because I'm not used to having a family to stay near.